Let’s Talk About Feelings

To be human is to experience emotions. Sometimes these emotions are positive such as feeling happy, excited, elated or joyous and sometimes the emotions are negative such as feeling sad, lonely or jealous. For most of us, we experience a whole spectrum of emotions over our lifetime, and whether the emotion is a positive one […]

Hear what Animal Fun users say about the Program!
I received your Animal Fun resource package in the mail the other week and it made my day. I worked in an early intervention clinic in rural Victoria last year and the physiotherapists bought two copies. I have recently moved to NSW and am now working in a private clinic with another paediatric occupational therapist and thought what an amazing resource to have working with children. We have both already started implementing it into practice and I have strongly encouraged several of my old university friends to purchase their own copies too.
ErikaOTNSW, Australia
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