“How Are You Feeling Today?” Pack

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Each pack contains 6 x A5 Cards plus an A4 sized laminated Thermometer Card.

Each pack contains 6 x A5 Cards plus an A4 sized laminated Thermometer Card.

Research shows that children who are able to put a name to how they are feeling assists them in dealing with that emotion in an appropriate way. Children who may difficulty with their motor ability are also more likely to have difficulty in recognising various emotions on other’s faces and in their body language.

The Feelings Cards have realistic photographic images of children experiencing the following emotions: Happy, Sad, Excited, Scared, Tired, Angry.

Use the cards to help children identify how they are feeling and point out the various facial expressions and body language associated with that emotion. Model the expressions yourself so the child can relate in real life – it might also be useful to use a mirror so the child can see their own facial expression.

Next step is to ask the child to colour in on the Thermometer how intense that emotion is right now -from Very Strong to Very Weak.

Discuss the events surrounding the emotion and answer any questions the child may have. Then distract the child with another activity. A couple of hours later – bring the child back to the cards and the Thermometer and ask them to remember how they were feeling before and ask them to identify how they are feeling now. Then they can erase the colour on the thermometer and re-colour to indicate how intense that previous emotion is right now.

These resources provide educators, parents and practitioners with an effective tool to help children identify various emotions in themselves and in others and to begin to understand that all emotions are a completely normal part of life – and that they come and go and change in intensity over time.

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