More Fun: Deluxe Pack

$205.00 ex GST

More Fun: Deluxe Pack

$205.00 ex GST

Additional resources to enhance the Animal Fun experience.

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Additional resources to enhance the Animal Fun experience.

1 x Thunder Tube – Great for use with Gum Tree, Pencil Pine and Forest Activities. Provides an additional cognitive component of listening skills as the Thunder Sound means children are pretending that it is a stormy day – large body movements but feet remain stationary.

1 x Rain Tube – Such a relaxing sound – use this instrument to indicate the Gentle Breeze in the tree activities or as a background sound for the Slow Deep breathing exercise, or to introduce/end the Muscle relaxation activity.

2 x packets of Koosh Pencil Grips (5 in pkt) – Children put their forefinger through the loop and “cuddle” the Koosh in their palm with the pinky and ring finger. A great sensory tool to help children develop a functional tripod or pincer grip of the pencil or writing tool.

5 x Resistance Bands – Great for using with the Croc Hunter activity – the Resistance bands help children to build strength in the hands, arms and shoulders. Children sit or stand opposite each other – Lean in to slacken the bands and pull outwards in a rowing motion – taking care not to over-extend the bands.

1 x Sea Wave Drum – A beautiful sound instrument that requires practice of motor control – can you gently and carefully rotate the drum to replicate the sound of waves crashing on the shore?

Soft Toy Surprise – Welcome your soft toy into your class with a naming competition. Allow children to take turns caring for your new Animal Fun mascot – create a Take Home Bag and include a note to parents about Animal Fun, perhaps share with them the Animal [email protected] Book and ask them to take a photo of their child doing something physically active with the soft toy and send it to you – this can then become part of a re-tell or you can create a collage wall featuring the Adventures of Max the Monkey…  (NOTE: Type of toy may vary from this image – we have Elephants, Wombats, Penguins, Giraffes and Monkeys)

1 x Clothing Threading Game – Fantastic activity to promote manual dexterity, colour matching, turn taking and motor sequencing/planning.

Customised Pack?

Looking for different quantities or mix of items? Just email Sue McLaren [email protected] to organise a pack that meets your individual needs.


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