Program Benefits for Children

Animal Fun is specifically designed for young children. It is playful, fun and engages imagination adding a mindfulness and meaning to movement. As they pretend to imitate the animal movements they are practicing core skills to prepare them for reaching their potential – socially, emotionally, physically and academically.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Improved muscle tone and core strength.
  • Increased physical fitness – less fatigue = clearer thinking.
  • It’s Fun!
  • Improves attention and concentration.
  • It is mindful.
  • Decreased hyperactivity and restless, fidgety behaviours.
  • Improved mobility and coordination.
  • Improved social skills – taking turns, co-operation, participation in teams.
  • Increased confidence = relief from anxiety.

Benefits for Children with Animal fun

Animal Fun also has many benefits for teachers – learn more…

Hear what Animal Fun users say about the Program!
The program is mainly used by the OT students who are on placement at the school. My plan for 2017 is purchase an additional 2 programs as it is the movement program of choice in kindy. Feedback from the teachers is that it is a great program and has had good benefit.
B JohnsonOccupational Therapist
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