“I am really impressed with the ‘Animal Fun’ resource and can never
recommend it highly enough to others. It is simple to use, engaging
and entertaining for the kids (mine love ‘row your boat’ and ‘friendly
fighting antelopes’!) and our Kindy will definitely be using it again
next year. The kids love doing the Animal Fun activities and they
have become an integral part of our daily program. As well as the
daily movement program, I use them as time fillers on the mat, for
transitions between activity and attention getters (the kids are super
trained in ‘pencil pine’!)”

Laura – Kindy Teacher, Cockburn Central District WA

“The program is mainly used by the OT students who are on placement
at the school. My plan for 2017 is to purchase an additional 2 programs as
it is the movement program of choice in kindy. Feedback from the
teachers is that it is a great program and has had good benefit.”

B Johnson Occupational Therapist

“After using ‘Animal Fun’ in Australia, I have now started using
‘Animal Fun’ in a school setting in Bhutan.  I am currently working in
an inclusive school and have found that Animal Fun has been easy to
adapt to both mainstream classes and special education classes.  The
teachers and I are using Animal Fun in the following ways:

Movement break ideas for the classroom
Incorporating gross and fine motor skills into Occupational Therapy
and Speech Therapy groups
Implementing Animal Fun into Physical Education Programmes.

Myself and the teachers enjoy using Animal Fun because:

The children love it.  They enjoy choosing the animals and learning about them
The pictures are clear and easy to follow
It is easy to grade the activities
No one gets board because we can regularly change the activities.
We can use them anywhere! We do not always need big spaces and
expensive resources

We are very grateful that an additional set of Animal Fun has been
provided to our school.   Thanks so much Sue”

Alison, OT, Bhutan

“We have started using the program and are really enjoying it. My Pre K class love it. I am particularly impressed to see my Pre K’s upper body arm strength already improving. It’s a fabulous, fun program. Thank you.

Lisa, Pre K Teacher, Perth Australia