Kindy Uplift Program

Animal Fun improves the motor skills and social skills of young children and can be utilised as a provider for your service in the Kindy Uplift Program.

The Queensland Government has provided funding via the Kindy Uplift Program to over 400 Kindergarten program providers to enable those services to respond to the developmental needs of the children by implementing evidence-based best practices focusing on 5 priority areas:

  1. Social and emotional capability
  2. Physicality
  3. Thinking and responding
  4. Oral language and communication
  5. Access and inclusion

Animal Fun addresses all these priority areas but in particular, social/emotional capability and physicality.

If the AEDC data in your community indicates vulnerability in these areas, then Animal Fun can Help.

Developed by health professionals at Curtin University and tested for efficacy with 3 years of randomised controlled trial research, Animal Fun was PROVEN to significantly improve both motor and social/emotional skills as well as significantly DECREASING hyperactive and inattentive behaviours.

Your Kindy Uplift Program funding can be used to purchase the Animal Fun Program Resources AND training for your staff whether that be by a self-paced e-learning course, live Online Workshops or Face to Face training at your workplace.

To indicate an expression of interest in hosting a Face to Face workshop for your staff please reserve a tentative date and time by clicking here.

Sue McLaren is the Director of Animal Fun and was the Project Coordinator for the Curtin University research project. She has a Social Science background and over 30 years of experience working with children and families. She is also a Mum of two sons, one of which, had difficulties with Speech and Language and Motor development when he was young. She knows first-hand the incredible impact that early intervention can have in helping children and families in overcoming challenges prior to formal schooling.

Animal Fun has also been independently reviewed by BeYou and is included on their Program Directory with the highest rating for both research Evidence AND Implementation.

Currently being used in over 50% of all Primary Schools (Kindergarten and pre-primary) in Western Australia and growing in recognition nationally and internationally. The program has already been translated into Italian, German and Portuguese languages and is being implemented in Europe, Canada, USA and Brazil to name just a few.

Implementing Animal Fun into your program is simple and easy for educators.

  • Animal Fun is developmentally appropriate for children aged 3-6 years.
  • Our training programs improve the capability of your educators by increasing their knowledge of motor development and how this is intricately related to the child’s social/emotional development.
  • No expensive equipment to buy.
  • Meets Australian Curriculum Outcomes for Health and Physical Education (Foundation).
  • Includes parents as partners.
  • Is a universal program but particularly inclusive for those children with developmental challenges.

Animal Fun: Imagine. Move. Improve.

Get in touch today to chat about your ideas and plans with Director Sue McLaren

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E: [email protected]

Kindy Uplift Programs

What Professionals Say About The Kindy Uplift Program

"Absolutely, hands down, the only motor program I recommend for the early years. Easy to implement as well as evidence based. Programs such as Animal Fun are vital to future academic success, physical health and mental wellbeing".

Berry Johnston, Occupational Therapist

Lil Peeps OT For Kids

“I frequently recommend your program for the pre-prep, prep and grade 1 classes as a whole-class program, and when explaining it to teachers I emphasise that it is not just a 'gross motor program' but a whole body development program which is evidence-based for improving motor skills, social skills and attention.

The teachers I work with are time-poor and their days are usually quite packed with curriculum, so I find that they are generally quite keen on a program that ticks so many areas. Thanks so much, I’m a big fan of the program and keen to spread the word to my schools!”

Alannah, Physiotherapist

Queensland, Australia

“Animal Fun has certainly lived up to its very high expectations! Our Professional Learning experience with Sue was engaging, practical and as fun for the adults as it is for the children.

Not only is Animal Fun evidence based, it is easy to use and embed into classroom routines. I would highly recommend Animal Fun to schools looking to support (or extend!) their youngest student's perceptual motor skills."

Ally Carlton-Moyle, Kindergarten Teacher and Early Years Coordinator

Ally Carlton-Moyle, Kindergarten Teacher and Early Years Coordinator