Animal Fun is a unique program designed to promote motor skills and social skill development in young children aged 3-6 years. Based on imitating animal movements, Animal Fun allows children to practice and develop their skills within an imaginative, play environment.

Flexible and so simple to use, Animal Fun Activities can be embedded into the everyday routines and rituals of the child. Check out our colourful resources which have been designed for Early Childhood Educators, Allied Health Professionals working with young children and Parents.

Animal Fun in Action

Animal Fun Teacher Benefits
What is Animal Fun

Whilst this program is designed to be inclusive and suitable for children of all abilities it may be particularly beneficial for children with motor coordination problems such as Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD),

Animal Fun is an evidenced based program which meets many of the desired outcomes of the National Quality Framework and the Australian Curriculum for Health and Physical Education( Foundation Year).

NEW: Online access to our manual is now available (example PDF), plus FREE postage for all products delivered within Australia.

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I am a physiotherapist working in schools and I frequently recommend your program for the pre-prep, Prep and Grade 1 classes as a whole-class program, and when explaining it to teachers I emphasise that it is not just a “gross motor program” but a whole body development program which is evidence-based for improving motor skills, social skills and attention. The teachers I work with are time-poor and their days are usually quite packed with curriculum, so I find that they are generally quite keen on a program that ticks so many areas. I also emphasise the flexibility of the program to fit into their days, and I help them brainstorm where in their day they could implement the activities. Thanks so much, I’m a big fan of the program and keen to spread the word to my schools!

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