Improving the motor and social skills of children between 3-6 years old

Animal Fun is a unique program designed to promote motor skills and social skill development in young children aged 3-6 years. Based on imitating animal movements, Animal Fun allows children to practice and develop their skills within an imaginative, play environment.

What is Animal Fun

Flexible and so simple to use, Animal Fun activities can be embedded into the everyday routines and rituals of the child. Check out our colourful resources which have been designed for early childhood educators and allied health professionals working with young children and parents.

Animal Fun in Action
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Teacher Benefits for Animal Fun
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Whilst this program is designed to be inclusive and suitable for children of all abilities it may be particularly beneficial for children with motor coordination problems such as Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD).

Animal Fun is an evidenced based program which meets many of the desired outcomes of the National Quality Framework and the Australian Curriculum for Health and Physical Education (Foundation Year).

Hear what Animal Fun users say about the Program!
I am really impressed with the ‘Animal Fun’ resource and can never recommend it highly enough to others. It is simple to use, engaging and entertaining for the kids (mine love ‘row your boat’ and ‘friendly fighting antelopes’!) and our Kindy will definitely be using it again next year.
LauraKindy TeacherCockburn Central District, Western Australia
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