Parent/Home Educator Pack – Introductory

$45.00 ex GST

Includes the The Animal Fun@Home book and Human Emotions Pack

The Animal Fun@Home book provides you with a brief overview of the Animal Fun Program. Why it will be beneficial for your child and includes some basic child development information on the skills the program targets.
Why not try some of the fun activities with your child. Record your progress so you can both see how you improve with consistent practice.
The Human Emotions Pack is called How Are You Feeling Today? 6 emotions of happy, sad, tired, excited, angry and scared are depicted with realistic photographs of children expressing those emotions in their faces and body language. This resource can help your little one to firstly name and identify these feelings and then by colouring in the Thermometer to indicate how intense they are feeling the emotion Рthey will come to understand that both positive and negative emotions are completely normal and they all come and go with duration and intensity.
Note: Please note that soft toys pictured are for illustration purposes only and are not included.
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